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First, What's Going On? - Project Goal - ONGOING

As survivors we give unique insights into conflicts, and make recommendations on how you, your community, and the greater world can have a positive impact in the African Great Lakes Region, and contribute to peace and security in the region. We speak candidly about issues close to our hearts. We develop mass campaigns that draw attention to ongoing conflicts in the African Great Lakes and solutions to such conflicts. Our testimonies are meant to inspire communities to galvanize around important but often overlooked causes in far away places, but with far reaching consequences, and significant impact in all of our lives.



Change Things for the Better!

We work with policy focused organization to write policies that can aid countries in the African Great Lakes Region overcome violence and conflicts, and reconcile while working towards prosperity. Our work involves trips to our Legislators' offices in Washington DC, holding and participating in Congressional briefings and hearings. We take student groups to The White House, and Capital Hill to discuss these important matters. We connect our supporters with their legislators through phone, text, and letter writing campaigns. We want legislators to support peaceful policies, and sometimes, a little push and nudge from us.



How to Tell and Share Stories.

There are as many witnesses as there are stories. We want to train people in the Great Lakes Region, and equip them with tools that allow them to tell their stories. Through our media-training program, we want to encourage everyday citizens, who are witness to tragedies, violence, and violations to tell those stories. We want to provide them with capabilities and tools to share, through media including radio, video, and social media.



The Beginnings of Peace Talks

Instability in one country in the Great Lakes can often mean instability in all of the region. Conflict spills over from one country to another, either through refugees, or aggression. We believe that reconciliation should therefore be multifaceted, and with a regional focus. Our goal is to develop a forum that addressees regional conflicts with an emphasis on inter-country reconciliation and dialogue.



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