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Alice Gatebuke
Claude Gatebuke

Claude Gatebuke is a Rwandan genocide survivor, a civil war survivor, and human rights advocate whose passion for justice transcends boundaries. He has traveled extensively, speaking out, raising awareness about justice, injustice, and other challenges faced by the African Great Lakes. He has spoken out at colleges, universities, churches, community organizations, and conferences. He often makes television and radio appearances, driven by an innate desire to improve the lives of the people living in the African Great Lakes.  Claude is a Carl Wilkens Fellow at Genocide Intervention Network, an organization focused on empowering individuals and communities with tools to stop genocide. He is also a member of the African Great Lakes Coalition (AGLC). The AGLC unites over a dozen advocacy organizations with a common vision for a peaceful Great Lakes Region of Africa. Contact Claude. 

Alice Gatebuke is a Rwandan genocide and war survivor and a human rights activist. A dreamer and an adventurer, Alice has traveled throughout Europe and Africa, often meeting diverse people, speaking passionately to them about peace and reconciliation in the African Great Lakes, and experiencing cultures. She graduated from Cornell University where she majored in Africana Studies with a concentration in Law and Society. Activism runs through her blood.  She was a passionate student activist, and continues on the never-ending path of achieving social change and transformation. She is a co-founder of AGLAN and currently serves as its Communications Director. Contact Alice.

Lauren Brinkley-Rubinstein is a lifetime student with a passion for health and community development. She is currently a PhD student at Vanderbilt University primarily focusing on the effects of inequality on health, well-being, and national and international community development.  Before pursuing her doctorate Lauren worked for three years at the Metro Public Health Department in Nashville, TN conducting a continual program evaluation and needs assessment for the Ryan White Program and the HIV community at large.  Lauren loves adventure, but even more when its wedded with a social cause that uplifts a community. On her visit to Cape Town, South Africa, in 2007, Lauren worked to build infrastructure and a public health reporting system in an orphanage in the township of Nyanga. From there, she fell in love with socially conscious adventures also known as international development, leading her to become a co-founder of AGLAN. Contact Lauren.

Lauren Brinkley-Rubenstin

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