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Would you like to raise awareness in your community about ongoing conflicts in the African Great Lakes Region? You can invite AGLAN speakers to your communities, to share survivor, and witness testimonies from direct survivors of the conflicts including war and genocide, or descendents of other survivors from across the world.

Did you know that the deadliest conflict since the Second World War is in the African Great Lakes Region? Specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo? To date the conflict has claimed for 6 million lives, and half of those affected are children under the age of five. You can be part of the change movement to brings peace to the region, by learning more about the conflict, raising awareness in your community, and partnering with us to push world leaders to prioritize the conflicts.

You can invite us to your community to raise awareness about this, and other ongoing and urgent conflicts in the region. Fill out the form below, and let us know the nature of your event including whether it's an educational or awareness raising event, a fundraising event, or an advocacy event to learn how to push world and local leaders to take action.

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